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How is Roxie’s EasyPeel different?

No base coat is needed! Our gel polish technology allows for the base coat to be built into one formula. A Top Coat, although recommended, is not necessary. There is also no need for you to wipe your nails with an alcohol-soaked lint-free wipe post-treatment – there simply isn’t any stickiness after the curing process. 

All you need is 30 seconds of curing, and you’re good to go with ultra-glossy nails. No more worries about smudging your perfectly done nails, staining your nails, or damaging your natural nail bed during the removal process at home. Have we even talked about how much of a hassle and mess it is to remove normal red or glitter nail polishes with nail polish remover?

With EasyPeel, simply peel off gently from the side in one swift motion. We assure you that you won’t be gasping in horror and will be pleased at how effortless and friendly the removal process is!


Do you always need a lamp?

Yes, the gel polish will only dry after curing under UV or LED light. The gel polish will not dry after time without a lamp, so be sure to cure your gel polish well under strong UV or LED light! We highly recommend our Nova Lamp which ensures that strong illumination falls evenly over all your fingers at one go.


How long will the shine last?

EasyPeel’s shine lasts up to 2 weeks and is chip and scratch resistant.


How do you apply the gel polish?

Prepare nails prior to application. Trim and file nails to desired length and shape, gently push back cuticles using a cuticle pusher, use a buffer to gently take shine off nail, and remove dust and oil with an alcohol-soaked lint-free wipe.

Apply gel polish in thin and even layers, avoiding the cuticle or skin around the nails. Ensure that the free nail edge is capped and sealed. Use a manicure stick or cotton stick to remove excess gel polish before curing.

Cure in the Nova Lamp for 30 seconds, and repeat the above for any additional coats.

For longer-lasting nails, we recommend the use of Roxie Gel Polish Top Coat to protect your gel polish from the elements.


How long must you cure the gel polish for?

With Roxie’s Nova Lamp, our gel polishes will cure in 30 seconds. However, when using other traditional UV lamps, gel polishes will take up to 1-2 minutes to cure depending on the power of your UV lamp.


Why does it peel off so easily?

Application of the gel polish on surrounding skin or cuticles will cause lifting. Avoid application of gel polishes on surrounding skin or cuticles and remove excess gel polish before polish. 

Also, ensure that there is no excess oil or particles on the natural nail bed before application. Gently push back cuticles using a cuticle pusher, use a buffer to gently take shine off nail, and remove dust with an alcohol-soaked lint-free wipe to ensure long-lasting wear.

We also recommend avoiding application immediately after prolonged exposure of nails to water. 


How much polish is in one bottle?

Each bottle contains 10ml, or 0.33 fluid ounce, of gel polish. This is equivalent to 35 sets of double-coated manicures on both hands!


Can you use the gel polish for pedicures?

Yes, it can also be used on toenails for long-wearing colour. Follow the same application process as you would for fingernails.


Why is my gel polish still runny?

Ensure that all fingers are sufficiently inserted into the curing chamber and all nails are adequately exposed to the light by extending your fingers and placing your palm flat on the surface.

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