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How To Take Care Of Your Nails Between Manicures

Posted on December 31 2018

Taking care of your nails between manicures

Manicures are amazing - but as much as we love them, it’s not a good idea to get our nails done too often. Too many back-to-back manis can lead to dry, damaged nails, which are vulnerable to breaking and peeling.

To prevent this (and other nail problems), most experts recommend going “polish-free” once every few weeks. During this time, you can focus on giving your nails proper care and TLC to help them rehydrate and recover from damage.

Follow these tips to keep your nails strong, healthy and flexible between polish applications - and get them ready for your next manicure!

1. Moisturise daily

Moisturise daily


Keeping your hands clean and moisturised can greatly improve the health of your nails. Lotions, oils, hand creams - these should be your nails’ new BFFs.

If possible, opt for moisturising products which contain vitamin E or natural oils (like sunflower or olive oil). Use them on your hands and nails at least once a day, preferably before going to bed.

2. Take care of your cuticles

Taking care of your cuticles


Dry, cracking cuticles not only make nails look messy, they can also cause annoying (and painful!) hangnails.

To keep your cuticles healthy and hydrated between manicures, apply cuticle oil at least three times a week.

3. Try nail soaks

Dry nail soaks


Simple and affordable, nail soaks are a great way to strengthen and condition your nails. They’re incredibly easy to DIY, and can be made with ingredients found within your home.

Try this: This all-in-one nail soak is highly effective for moisturising and nourishing your nails. Simply mix olive oil, honey, lemon juice and salt in a bowl, then soak your nails in the mixture for about 10 minutes. When done, rinse well and moisturise.

4. Keep them short

Keeping them short


Longer nails may make your hands look elegant and feminine, but they’re also more difficult to care for.

On the flip side, short nails are easier to maintain, and less prone to breaking and snagging. Be sure to keep your nails well-trimmed whenever you’re between manis.

5. Eat a nail-friendly diet

A balanced, nail-friendly diet is essential for keeping your nails in tip-top condition.

Try eating more protein, as well as foods that are rich in omega-3s and vitamin B (like eggs and salmon), which are crucial for nail strength and health. You can also up your intake of foods with vitamins A and C to prevent brittleness, dullness and drying.

Strong, healthy nails look amazing, and also make the best canvas for gorgeous nail art and manicures. Keep your digits looking and feeling great with regular polish breaks, and by practicing good nail care between manis!


Not only that - you’ll also want to make sure you choose the right nail polish! What you put on your nails makes a world of difference when it comes to nail health. You’ll want a polish that’s free of harmful chemicals, long-lasting, and gentle on your nails... and our EasyPeel gel polishes check every box! Why not grab one of our starter kits and give them a try?

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