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How to pick the perfect nail colour for your skin tone

Posted on May 11 2018

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Imagine this: You’re happily browsing nail design ideas on Pinterest, when one of them catches your eye. Inspired, you reach for your nail polish, knowing you have that exact same colour and can totally replicate the design.

You meticulously follow the tutorial from start to finish - only to discover that the shade that looked so great on the model makes your hands look aged and dull. What could have gone wrong?

Like eyeshadow and blush, not every shade of nail polish will complement your skin tone. Different colours have different impacts: get it wrong, and your nails will look horrific. Get it right, and you’ll look like you just paid for a snazzy $200 manicure.

To avoid nail polish regret, here’s a handy guide on how to pick the best colours for your skin tone:


1. Fair Skin

Fair skin tone
If you have fair or light skin, you can easily pull off a wide variety of nail polish colours. However, you’ll look best in softer shades which are close to your skin tone, such as light pastels or nudes.

Prefer something a little more striking? Try a dark red or ruby shade. Alternatively, get sophisticated with plum, burgundy, pale pink, blue or certain shades of orange.

Avoid: Most yellow-based shades – these can easily overpower a pale complexion and make your skin look washed out.

Our recommendations: Make your fair skin shine with something sassy like Run Them Red Lights, or a sweet pastel like Bare It All.


2. Tan Skin

Tan skin tone

For those with tan or medium skin, the colours you wear best depends on your undertone. However, most people will be able to fearlessly flaunt various tints of light pink, purple, blue and red - or even get glamorous with silver, metallic shades and glitter.

Avoid: Say “no” to any shades of gold or rust - sadly, these don’t look as striking on tan skin as they do on other skin tones.

Our recommendations: Try Atlantis, or something shiny and exciting like Under The Sea.


3. Darker Skin

Dark skin tone
(Credits: @solinsnaglar)

Darker skin tones look best with high-impact shades - think rich, deep colours like mocha, maroon, dark purple or dark green. You can also get daring with certain shades of neon (like pink or orange), to make your skin look younger and more vivid.

Avoid: White or silver, or any bright, light colours which may make your skin appear muddy and dull.

Our recommendations: Luxurious reds like Jetsetter Jimmy work beautifully with dusky skin tones. You can also opt for something classier, like Simply Burgundy.

Some say that if the nail polish matches your lipstick colour, it’ll look fine with your skin - but this isn’t always the case. The best thing to do is test the polish on a fingernail beforehand.

Here’s where our EasyPeel gel polish comes in handy - just apply it, and if you don’t like the way it looks, peel it off and try another shade! With over 20 colours to choose from, we have something for every skin tone ;)


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