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Here’s What Happens When You Love Painting Your Nails (But Suck At It)

Posted on April 02 2018


Picture this: it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, your friends are over at your place, and you decide to paint your nails together.

You open your beauty drawer, and everyone gasps at the amount of nail polish you’ve got stockpiled inside. You shrug sheepishly, but internally, you’re like…

I just really love nail polish

Your friend pulls out her phone and searches for nail polish videos on YouTube for inspiration. There’s tons of tutorials featuring gorgeous designs, but they all look insanely hard.

After 15 minutes of browsing tutorials, your friends decide on a crazy complicated design, complete with glitter, sequins, and a swirly pattern.

That's a risky move

All you can think is: uh oh.

You’re not sure you can pull this off, but you don’t want to be a spoilsport. So you start painting, and at first, it’s going pretty well…

Painting carefully...
Maybe I’m better at this than I think.

But then you get to the tough part, and you’re just praying you won’t screw up…

Fingers crossed
Fingers crossed.

And what do you do? You screw it up.

(laughing hysterically)
Great. Just great.

So now you have to remove your nail polish and start again, FROM SCRATCH.

This is going to take forever.

And the worst part? Your friends are already done, and they’re flaunting their picture-perfect nails in your face.

flaunting picture-perfect nails in your face
Stahp. Just stahp.

So you painstakingly repaint your nails, and then it’s time to wait for them to dry.

waiting for nails to dry

It feels like it takes an eternity, but finally you’re done.

As you admire your nails, your friend pipes up: “That was fun! We should totally do it again sometime!”

Your response?

yeah.. no.

Yeah… no.

Here’s the thing:

Nail painting doesn’t have to be difficult, or time-consuming… just ditch your regular nail polishes, and use Roxie Design Lab’s EasyPeel gel polish instead!

Simply paint your nails as per normal, and cure them under Roxie’s Nova II Lamp. Your polish will only take 15 seconds to dry. If you make a mistake with your nail polish, rectifying it is easy. Just go ahead and peel your polish off!

Peeling off

Psst: EasyPeel polish is formulated such that it can come off cleanly, without damaging your nails. Go ahead and peel it off – you don’t need any nail polish remover or tools to aid you in the process!

With Roxie Design Lab’s EasyPeel polish, it’s easy to level up your nail painting skills, and successfully pull off complicated designs.

Want to try EasyPeel? Check out our Starter Kits!

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