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7 Amazing Ways To Make Your Gel Manicure Last Longer

Posted on June 29 2018

For nail enthusiasts, gel manicures truly are a dream come true. Super-shiny nails that stay glossy and chip-free for up to two weeks? Count us in!

Sadly, after the two-week mark, most gel polishes tend to start chipping or “lifting”, leaving your nails looking ragged and tacky. But don’t give up just yet! With proper care, it’s possible to double the life of your gel manicure from two weeks to four.
Check out these simple tips and tricks to help you stave off the inevitable:

1. Moisturise and hydrate

Dry nails and cuticles are the ultimate enemy of a gel manicure, as they break and tear easily. Keep them soft and well-nourished by applying a nail or cuticle oil daily, using a good conditioning hand moisturiser and drinking plenty of water.

2. Avoid getting polish on your cuticles

Even the tiniest overlap of paint can cause your gel polish to lift off faster, and eventually leads to chipping. Before you begin, be sure to push back or remove your cuticles to avoid accidentally getting polish on them.

3. Always apply a base coat

A good base coat could mean the difference between whether your manicure lasts a few days, or a few weeks.
Not only does it help protect your nails, but it also gives the polish something to adhere to - so it’ll last longer!

Roxie's EasyPeel, however, does not require a base coat. Clean, oil-free nails are a must before application of our polishes, so wipe your nails with alcohol or an oil-free nail polish remover beforehand. Buffing prior to application is a bonus - this gives the polish a rougher surface to adhere to more easily.

4. Don’t forget the top coat

There’s a common misconception that gel nails don’t need a top coat - but nothing could be further from the truth. While hardy, even gel polish needs something to protect it from daily wear and tear.
It’s actually recommended to re-apply a layer of clear top coat every 2-3 days to help maintain lustre and prevent chipping. (We suggest Roxie’s Clear Top Coat which keeps your manicure glossy, or the Matte Top Coat which is an ultra-chic and modern alternative to the standard manicure!)

5. Seal it in

When painting, make sure to “cap” the free edge of your nail with the base coat, polish and top coat. This will help seal in the polish and prevent lifting.

6. Protect your nails

Some things can quickly break down a gel manicure - such as exposure to hot water and the chemicals in some cleaning products. When doing housework, protect your nails with a good pair of rubber gloves to help your gel polish last longer.

7. Cover up imperfections

If your gel manicure starts going downhill after only a few days, don’t fret - there are many ways to effectively camouflage problem spots.

For instance, you can apply a thin layer of glitter polish (like Pixie Dust!) to your entire nail, and seal it in with a top coat to hide chipping or peeling.


Another trick? Hide new nail growth on your tips with a French manicure (this works best with something shimmery like 24K Magic!)

With some TLC and proper nail care, it’s easy to lengthen the life of your gel polish and maintain fabulous-looking nails.
Want to try these handy tricks yourself? Grab one of our starter kits, and put these tips into action for a healthier, longer-lasting gel manicure!

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