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6 Ways To Wear Colour-Block Nails

Posted on May 05 2019

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The colour-block trend has been around for years - but it’s only recently begun to make a comeback on social media. Funky and modern, this vibrant nail style involves wearing geometric designs in various bold, exciting shades.

Been looking for an excuse to inject more colour into your mani? Grab some inspiration from these fun, stylish colour-block nail ideas!


1. Ombre Stripes

Ombre stripes


Two great things about striped nail art: it’s fun, and it never goes out of fashion!

Easily level up your colour-block mani with this charming striped gradient. Trendy and eye-catching, it’s perfect for weekends and casual outings.

Our recommendations: All you need to pull off this striped design is some tape and a few of your favourite EasyPeel shades. Once done, seal in the look with a layer of Roxie’s clear top coat for an ultra-chic, high-shine finish. Voilà!


2. Glitter Block

Glitter Block


Who doesn’t love some extra shine in their mani? Give your nails a dreamy, glamorous vibe with the help of glitter polish!

Our recommendations: You can pick any of our awesome glitter shades to help you achieve this look - like Venus Sunrise, Pixie Dust or Champagne Revelry. Then draw lines with Black Widow and Snow White to separate the colour blocks and add contrast.


3. Hidden Rainbow

Hidden Rainbow


Peekaboo! Though it’s partially hidden beneath two black stripes, this cheeky colour-block rainbow is sure to draw everyone’s eyes to your mani.

Our recommendations: While any bright, playful shades can be used for the “rainbow”, we suggest a combination of Cotton Candy Skies, Drops of Jupiter and Pink Panther. When done, use Black Widow to paint two thick lines down the sides of each nail.


4. Overlapping Triangles

Overlapping triangles


When it comes to colour-block nail art, triangles can be a lot of fun! Case in point: this vibrant overlapping triangle design, which is as interesting as it is colourful.

Our recommendations: Any bold, brightly-coloured hues will work for this funky design - so feel free to get creative with any of our EasyPeel shades.


5. Colour-Blocked Half Moons

Colour-blocked half moons

(Credits: @nataliepavloskinails)

This playful pastel design offers a slightly different take on the half moon nail trend.

What’s not to love? It’s stylish, beginner-friendly, and easy to DIY with the help of tape.

Our recommendations: To rock this super-sweet mani, simply pick two contrasting colours. Use one for the base and one for the half moons - it’s really that simple!


6. Two-Colour French Tips

Two-colour french tips

(Credits: @paintboxnails)

French tip devotees will love this modern, two-toned design. It’s a highly-fashionable way to combine the colour-block trend with the traditional French mani.

Our recommendations: Create a cool contrast by pairing a luxurious shade like Jetsetter Jimmy with something cheerful and glittery (like Candy Man).


Be it in bright, bold colours or neutral, earthy shades, there’s definitely a colour-block manicure out there for everyone.

Start spicing up your colour-block game with one of our epic starter kits! With more than 20 different colours in our EasyPeel collection, you’ll never be short of options for your colour-block nail designs!

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