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6 Ways To DIY The Pop Art Nail Trend

Posted on April 28 2019

Recently, pop art nails have taken Instagram and Pinterest by storm.

Inspired by popular culture, these funky nail designs are characterised by bold, high-voltage colours and crazy, cartoonish graphics. It’s the perfect way to unleash your creativity!

Thinking of trying your hand at the trend? Grab some mani inspiration with these awesome pop art nail ideas - all of which you can easily DIY at home:

1. Confetti Pop

Confetti pop art


Get the party started with this super fun confetti design!

Sweet, yet sassy, this lively-looking mani will really help put the “pop” in your pop art nails.

Our recommendations: Snow White makes the perfect base for this simple design. Add some stripes using Black Widow and Mauve It, and then use a fine brush to freehand the confetti pattern.


2. Minimal Pop

Minimal pop art


Who said pop art nails can’t also be minimalistic? Add just the barest hint of pop to your tips with this design!

Our recommendations: Our sweet pink Bare It All will work beautifully as the background colour. Cure quickly using our Nova II Lamp - then add a curving line of Run Them Red Lights on each nail. Ta-da!


3. Half And Half Polka Dot Nails

Half and half polka dots pop art


Calling all fans of polka dots… these half and half polka dot nails are lots of fun to create - and to look at!

Our recommendations: All you need to DIY this groovy, multicoloured look are five of your favourite EasyPeel shades and Snow White. Finish with a line of Black Widow across the centre of every nail.


4. Circles & Triangles

Circles and triangles pop art


This crazy-cool design adds the perfect pop art twist to any basic geometric mani. Fun, funky and eye-catching, it’ll definitely have you turning heads when you walk by.

Our recommendations: Any bright, cheerful shade can be used for the base. Once dry, use Black Widow to paint random triangles on each nail. Then use our gorgeous Jetsetter Jimmy and Midnight City to add some cute half-circles.


5. Comic Boom

Comic boom pop art


These classic-looking “boom” graphics look like they came straight out of a vintage comic book! Really, there’s no better way to add a touch of old school charm to your pop art mani.

Our recommendations: First, paint on the polka dot background with any of your preferred EasyPeel colours and Snow White. Then, easily create the black and white “boom” graphics with the help of tape or nail art stencils.


6. Negative Space Rainbow

Negative space rainbow pop art

(Credits: @chelseaqueen)

Simple, yet eye-catching, these adorably chic rainbow nails will definitely help you to stand out from the crowd.

Our recommendations: You can use any of your favourite colours (and a fine nail art brush) to create the thin rainbow stripes. Then paint on the squiggly lines with Black Widow.


From loud and proud prints to simpler, laid-back designs, there’s a pop art look out there for everyone.

Want to up the ante on your next mani with some of these fresh and funky nail designs? Just grab one of our starter kits, and begin bringing your favourite classic pop art techniques to your tips!

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