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6 Super-Trendy Textured Nail Ideas

Posted on May 20 2019

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Gone are the days of smooth, shiny nails. From glistening raindrops to bumpy caviar, textured manis are the latest trend in the nail art world.

Getting tired of the same old polish routine? Bring your manicure to new heights with these super-trendy, out-of-the-box nail designs!


1. Raindrop Nails

Raindrop nails


Splish-splash! Inspired by water droplets, this stunning design makes it look like you have actual raindrops resting on your fingernails.

Our recommendations: Use a deep blue like Atlantis for the base (to match the water theme) - or simulate the look of dewdrops on grass with a rich green like Emerald Dreams. Smooth a layer of matte top coat over your chosen shade, and let it dry. When done, use clear top coat to dab on the “raindrops”.


2. Perforated Leather Nails

Perforated leather nails

(Credits: @chalkboardnails)

Unleash your inner rockstar with these awesome perforated leather nails! Quirky and slightly edgy, they’re sure to put your mani in the spotlight.

Our recommendations: To achieve the look, simply apply 2-3 layers of Black Widow, followed by two more layers of Roxie’s matte top coat. While the polish is still only partially-set, press into it with a dotting tool to create the perforated holes.


3. Quilted Nails

Quilted nails


Quilted nails are all the rage right now - and it’s easy to see why.

This chic, cheerful design is a great way to add some colour to your mani, and it’s also surprisingly simple to DIY.

Our recommendations: Paint each nail with 2-3 layers of polish (you can use different colours, or stick to a single shade for your entire hand). While it’s still slightly tacky, use a toothpick or dental floss stick to stamp the diagonal lines.


4. Textured Glitter

Textured glitter

(Credits: @chalkboardnails)

This glamorous glitter mani really puts the “x” in “textured nails”. It’s stylish, sassy, and will make your tips look like a million dollars.

Our recommendations: All you need to pull off this gorgeous design is some striping tape, our redhot Jetsetter Jimmy and a sparkling layer of Venus Sunrise.


5. Caviar Nails

Caviar nails


These caviar nails are perfect for special events, or the occasional night out. Fun, elegant and eyecatching, they’re a unique way to quickly upgrade any mani.

Our recommendations: Apply a few layers of Back To The Fuchsia for the base. While it’s still wet, sprinkle on some crafting microbeads (available online or at any craft supply store) and use a clean, dry fingertip to gently press them into the polish.


6. Spun Sugar Nails

Spun sugar nails


Add some sugary sweetness to your tips with this colourful, candy-inspired nail trend!

Our recommendations: You can pick any five of your favourite EasyPeel shades for the “icing”. Then, just use a toothpick to carefully drizzle strings of nail polish over a Black Widow base. Perfection!


Been looking for a new nail style that’s fashionable, eye-catching and unique? Then textured nail designs are the way to go. Dip into the trend with a bottle or two of our EasyPeel gel polish, and get ready to take your mani to a
whole new dimension!

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