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6 Nail Polish Myths To Stop Believing

Posted on August 17 2018

6 Nail Polish Myths To Stop Believing

There’s a ton of manicure myths out there these days (yes, we’re looking at you, Pinterest and YouTube!) However, while many of these “facts” and “nail hacks” may seem legit at first glance, the majority of them simply aren’t true.

It’s time to set the record straight. For the sake of healthier nails and a happier manicure, here are some of the nail myths and misconceptions you should stop believing right now:


Myth #1: Take regular breaks from nail polish to let your nails “breathe”.

Nail Polish Myth #1

Your nails are made of dead cells called “keratin”, so they don’t need to breathe actual air. However, it’s fine to give them a break between polish applications if you feel the need. Doing this gives them a chance to grow, rehydrate and recover from damage.

Myth #2: Avoid all nail products that have chemicals in them.

Nail Polish Myth #2
Considering that virtually everything is composed of chemicals (even purified water), this simply isn’t possible. There’s no such thing as a polish that’s “chemical-free”.

Instead, you want to avoid products which contain harmful chemicals - so search for those which are 7-free (like our EasyPeel gel polishes). This means they’re created without seven of the most common toxic chemicals usually found in nail polish!

Myth #3: Gel polish will damage your natural nails.

Nail Polish Myth #3
Nail damage after a gel manicure is usually caused by picking, biting, or improper use of tools - not the gel polish itself.

If you’re concerned, make sure you choose a gel polish that’s safe and reliable. Our peel-off gel polishes come highly recommended - they’re gentle on nails and super-easy to remove!

Myth #4: Store your nail polish in the fridge so it’ll last longer.

Nail Polish Myth #4

While there might be some virtue to this myth for regular polishes, the storage temperature makes no difference for gel polishes. Besides the added inconvenience of running to the fridge whenever you're planning to do a manicure, you'll also need time to get the polish up to room temperature before application, so as to prevent condensation ruining your application process.

To make your gel polish last longer, store it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, as light, and not heat, is what causes gel polish to cure.

Myth #5: Soak your nails in water before applying polish.

Nail Polish Myth #5

Doing this could compromise the quality of your gel manicure. Wet nails are softer and more waterlogged - which means your gel polish won’t be able to adhere properly to the enamel when applied. This makes it more prone to lifting and chipping.

Myth #6: Dip your nails in ice water to instantly dry your nail polish.

Nail Polish Myth #6

Regular nail polish dries when the solvents in the formula are able to evaporate, and plunging your fingers into ice water actually halts this process! At most, the cold water may only harden the top layer of the polish - leaving the underlying layers wet and prone to dents.

Want a more reliable way to quickly dry nail polishes? Try our EasyPeel gel polishes, which cures in only 15 seconds with our Nova II Lamp. This is as close to instant as instant gets!

Now we’ve separated fact from fiction, you’ll be better informed and can easily avoid making the same nail polish mistakes as everyone else. Your nails will definitely thank you for it!

Looking forward to your next manicure? Try something new with our latest arrivals, or get creative with one of our starter kits!

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