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6 Korean nail trends you absolutely must try

Posted on April 20 2018


You don’t have to religiously keep up with the latest nail trends to know that Korea is where it’s at. Fun, fresh and minimalistic - their daring designs consistently turn heads in the nail art community every year.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest and best in Korean nail trends. From sparky bling to futuristic innovation, these ultra-stylish nail designs will surely draw attention to your manicure!

1. Shattered Glass Nails

Shattered Glass Nails
(Credits: @nail_unistella)

Striking and flashy, shattered glass nails have been making waves worldwide since 2015 - and they’re still popular today. They’re inspired by the psychedelic designs on abalone shells, and come in a mesmerising array of colours.

Don’t get intimidated by all the bling - it’s a lot simpler than it looks. All you need is a base coat, a top coat and some pretty nail foil to glam it up.

2. Negative Space Nails

Negative Space Nails
(Credits: @nail_unistella)

When it comes to beauty, sometimes less is more. For this trend, the idea is to leave sections or strips of each nail unpainted - which ironically catches the eye more than the painted bits do!

Simple and stylish, the technique is very beginner-friendly. Just find a pattern/design you like, apply a base coat and start painting!

To achieve the look, try Roxie’s peel-off polishes: Run Them Red Lights and Bare It All.

3. Half and Half Nails

Half and Half Nails
(Picture credits: @nail_unistella)

Sometimes, two hues are better than one. The half and half trend is incredibly easy to pull off: you just need two colours that work well together, either by contrasting or complementing.

It also gives you the perfect excuse to play around with lots of different nail polish colours! If you’re feeling creative, you can even add nail stickers or tiny decor once you’re done.

To achieve the look, try Roxie’s peel-off polishes: Atlantis and Lady Rain.

4. Cuticle Nails

Cuticle Nails
(Credits: @nail_unistella)

Best suited for short nails, the cuticle or “shadow nail” trend is a subtle way to put your cuticles in the spotlight. Nail art enthusiasts gave this trend glowing reviews because of how low-maintenance and versatile it is - and it’s easy enough for even nail novices to pull off!

To achieve the look, try Roxie’s peel-off polishes: Venus Sunrise and Jetsetter Jimmy.

5. Dried Flower Nails

Dried Flower Nails
(Credits: @nail_unistella)

Delicate and decorative, this sweet-smelling nail trend is a great way to up your nail game with minimal effort. Not only is it ridiculously gorgeous, but you can totally DIY at home if you want.

Worried that you’ll have to redo your nails a few times to get it right? To make the process easier, apply a layer of peel-off polishes (we recommend Bare It All!) before you start. This way, if you do mess up, you can easily peel off your polish and take another shot!

6. Tattoo Nails

Tattoo Nails
(Credits: @hee_unistella)
Also called “emoji nails”, this trend is both adorable and charming. Even if emojis and cartoon characters aren’t your thing, you can also opt for simpler designs.

Not good at free-handing images on your nails? That’s fine. Invest in a base coat and some nail stickers and you’re all set.

At the end of the day, it’s not about whether you’re a pro or a complete beginner at nail art. If you want great-looking nails, you’ll need awesome polish and amazing tools.

Itching to try out these trendy Korean designs? Then check out our EasyPeel gel polish (which makes it easy to remove mistakes and start over), or get what you need with one of our starter kits!

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