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6 Fun & Easy Ways To Wear Ombre Nails

Posted on October 16 2018

6 Fun & Easy Ways to Wear Ombre Nails
Can’t get enough of gorgeous, colourful nail art? Then ombre nails are the look for you! These stunning gradients are a beautifully unique way to elevate a basic manicure - without needing any overly-elaborate, complicated designs.

Though they may seem difficult to pull off, all you really need is nail polish, a nail sponge and a bit of practice!

Go ahead and indulge your inner colourphile with these fun, easy ombre nail ideas!

1. Ombre Polka Dots

Ombre Polka Dots


Ombre nails are already lots of fun on their own - but once you add polka dots, they’re even better! Simple and sweet, this adorable design is a great way to add a fresh pop of colour to your nails.

Our recommendations: Use Snow White for the base, as well as the polka dot pattern on top. For the gradient, you can choose to stick with one main colour theme - or go wild with different shades on each nail.

2. Glitter Fade

Ombre nails - glitter fade


Suitable for date nights or special occasions, these glitter ombre nails will definitely add a sophisticated, sparkly touch to any mani!

Our recommendations: Easily replicate this fabulous shine with Black Widow, followed by a glittery layer of Under The Sea on the bottom half of your nail.

3. Half Moon Ombre

Half moon ombre
(Credits: @jessicawashick)

Simple, yet sophisticated, this elegant design combines a traditional ombre pattern with petite white half moons at the base of each nail.

Our recommendations: Any colour will do for this super-stylish design - so feel free to get creative with any of our EasyPeel shades. Finish off with Snow White for the half moons up top.

4. Vertical Gradient

Vertical gradient
(Credits: @chalkboardnails)

Ombre doesn’t always have to go from base to tip. Take things up a notch with a vertical gradient - or even go diagonal if you prefer!

Our recommendations: To achieve the look, try pairing a rich shade like Pink Panther with our subtle Summer Blush!

5. Whole-Hand Ombre

Whole-hand ombre
(Credits: @thesammersaurus)

Not entirely confident with your gradient skills just yet? No worries! Even nail newbies will be able to pull off this amazingly basic design, which involves going ombre across the entire hand!

Our recommendations: All you have to do is choose five shades of polish that vary from darkest to lightest, and apply them on each finger. You can go right-to-left or left-to-right - it’s really up to you!

6. Matte Ombre

Matte ombre
(Credits: @nailsbymztina)

Want a surefire way to add some class to your ombre nails? Matte them up for a sophisticated, elegant addition to your mani!

Our recommendations: You’re free to use any combination of colours - so go ahead and pick out your favourites! Cure in seconds with our Nova II Lamp, and complete the look with a layer of our velvety-smooth matte top coat!

From glitter fades to colour explosions, there’s truly an ombre look for every occasion.

Start spicing up your gradient game with one of our sweet starter kits! With over 20 colours in our EasyPeel collection, you’ll never run out of options for your ombre nail designs!

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