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5 Ways to Fix a Broken Nail

Posted on June 08 2019

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Picture this: You’ve just gotten yourself a gorgeous manicure, when bam! Your nail breaks.

We’ve all been there. Broken nails are nasty - they sometimes hurt, are prone to snagging and can completely ruin an awesome mani.

However, there’s no need to panic. Whether you’ve got a tiny crack or a full-on split, you can use these neat DIY tricks to quickly fix the damage:

1. File it Down


If the break is small and on the edge of your nail, the simplest repair is usually just to file it down.

Try this: Using a crystal nail file, gently file away the chipped section of nail. This will help smooth out rough spots and reduce the risk of further damage.


2. Use Clear Top Coat

Small cracks or breaks can easily be covered with clear top coat. Not only will this help protect your tips, but it can also serve as a cast while the nail grows out.

Try this: Brush the top coat over your entire nail, paying special attention to the crack or break. You may need to apply several layers to strengthen the nail.


3. Super Glue to the Rescue


If the nail is just split (and not completely broken off), you can use super glue to temporarily fuse it together and keep it from snagging.

Try this: Seal the break with super glue, and let it dry. Once done, smooth out the nail using a buffer - then apply a nail polish of choice.


4. Try the Tea Bag Method


For minor splits, a tea bag can be an excellent and cost-effective DIY fix.

Try this: Get a tea bag and cut off a small piece, making sure it’s large enough to cover the break. Apply a layer of clear top coat on your nail, then secure the patch over the split while it’s still wet. After it dries, you can trim, buff and apply polish as usual.


5. Do a Dip Powder Mani


If you need a longer-lasting solution, try a dip powder mani. Fun fact: these textured manicures have actually been used since the 1980s to fix broken or split nails!

Try this: Apply a thin layer of nail glue to seal the break - then paint the entire nail with gel polish and dunk it in the dip powder. You may need to repeat the process several times to reinforce and strengthen the nail.


The most common reason for nail breakage? Having dry, brittle nails - which are usually caused by using the wrong nail products.

Traditional nail polishes can really dry out your nails, leaving them prone to chipping or breaking. Many of these products may also contain harmful chemicals, which weaken or damage nails.

For stronger tips and a safer manicure, it’s best to invest in a good, non-toxic nail polish - like our EasyPeel gel polishes! Not only are they 7-free (which means they’re free of seven of the most harmful chemicals commonly found in traditional nail polishes), they’re also long-lasting, easy to remove and won’t damage your nails!

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