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5 New Ways To Wear Matte Nails

Posted on August 01 2018

5 New Ways To Wear Matte Nails

The great thing about matte nails is that they’re never out of fashion. Pretty, elegant and long-lasting, this lo-fi nail style makes a perfect alternative to the glossy designs that usually dominate social media.

Matte may not be shiny, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can easily “matte-ify” any of your favourite glossy colours with Roxie’s matte top coat - so give these trendy designs a try!


1. Black and Gold Nails

Matte black and gold nails
(Credits: @chalkboardnails)

Sometimes, simplicity is the way to go. Classy and stylish, this minimalistic design is incredibly easy to pull off and will make your nails look like a million dollars.

Our recommendations: Use Black Widow for the base, then apply a quick layer of Roxie’s matte top coat and let it cure. Finish off with a shimmery layer of 24K Magic on the tips. Voilà!

2. Matte Marble Nails

Matte marble nails
(Credits: @rosebnails)
Inspired by the sophisticated look of white Carrara marble, this globally-popular design has been making waves in the nail art community. What’s not to love? It’s edgy, it’s minimalistic - and a lot simpler to achieve than it looks.

Our recommendations: Start with Snow White as the base colour, then dapple a few tiny drops of Black Widow on top. Grab a toothpick and use it to draw the organic free-form streaks - before curing under the Nova II lamp. Finally, seal everything in with clear top coat.                                                                                

3. Chevron Pastel Nails

Matte chevron pastel nails

Pastels are always fun to mix and match! This sweet, modern design will add life to any manicure, and cleverly uses negative space to make the soft colours pop.

Our recommendations: Our candy-sweet pastel shades will work beautifully for this - Lilac Breeze, Cotton Candy Skies and Mint For Each Other. Delicate and charming, they’ll definitely brighten up your mani - even under a layer of matte!

4. Metallic Splatter Nails

Matte metallic splatter nails

This heavenly nail art contrasts a matte gradient with metallic gold splatter for a colourful, celestial look.

Our recommendations: Feel free to use as many colours as you like for this one! With a sponge, dip into the polish of your choice and carefully create the gradient effect for each nail. Smooth on a layer of matte top coat, then use a straw to strategically splatter a touch of 24K Magic on top.

5. Glitter Matte Nails

Glitter matte nails

Though matte is known for its subtlety, there’s no harm in using glitter to add a little extra shine. Ironically, the toned down sparkle creates a dreamy effect that just makes your nails stand out more.

Our recommendations: Add some bling to your matte manicure with our super-sparkly Under The Sea or Sky Full Of Stars (or even get fabulous with Candy Man!) Complete the look with some matte top coat, and hey, presto! You’re good to go.

From classy and creative to modern and unique, there are endless options when it comes to matte nail art. Why not ditch the shine for a while? Level up your mani with a bottle of our awesome matte top coat for an ultra-chic, modern touch!

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