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5 Nail Resolutions To Make This Year

Posted on January 19 2019

5 Nail Resolutions

The New Year is finally here! Once again, it’s time for people to start setting themselves goals and resolutions to be achieved in the year ahead.

However, when it comes to resolutions, one area that many tend to forget about is their nails.

Your nails are an important part of your overall appearance, and they deserve just as much attention as the rest of your body. Resolve to give your nails plenty of love in 2019 with these easily-achievable nail resolutions!

#1 - Stop bad nail habits


Bad habits like nail-biting or picking can seriously damage our nails and cuticles, causing them to become weak and brittle.

Try this: Want to kick these bad nail habits in the new year? A great way to quit is actually by painting your nails. After putting in the effort to make your nails look polished and pristine, you’ll be more hesitant to chew or pick at them… and potentially mess up your manicure.

#2 - Try new things


The idea of branching out and trying new things with your nails can be difficult - and maybe even a little scary. However, don’t let this keep you from switching things up once in a while!

Try this: Make it a personal goal to try something new with your nails in 2019! For instance, you could look up new nail art challenges on Pinterest and Instagram, or consider stepping up your nail game with new trends, techniques or designs!

#3 - Practice regular nail care


One of the best ways to keep your hands and nails in tip-top shape is by having a regular maintenance routine.

Set aside some time every week to trim, file, exfoliate and moisturise your nails. This will help keep them stronger, healthier and more resilient.


#4 - Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Even though we know that we should keep our hands and nails well-hydrated, many of us still aren’t moisturising nearly as often as we should.

Moisturising prevents nails from drying out or becoming brittle. This year, remind yourself to moisturise often by keeping a small tube of hand cream or lotion with you at all times, and apply it to your hands and nails whenever necessary.

#5 - Treat yourself to DIY manicures

Regular DIY manicures are a great way for you to de-stress and get in some much-needed “me” time. They can also help improve the overall health of your nails: lowering the risk of nail infections and keeping your tips smooth and soft.

Whenever possible, don’t forget to schedule time for regular self-care this year - and treat yourself!

Bonus: In 2019, your ultimate resolution should simply be to love your nails. Keep them happy and healthy with regular manis and good nail habits - and by using the right nail polish!

Our peel-off gel polish is free of harmful chemicals, easy to use, long-lasting and quick-drying - not to mention available in a wide variety of gorgeous shades. Why not take your nail game up a notch this year with one of our awesome starter kits?

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