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5 Galaxy Nail Ideas That Are Out Of This World

Posted on March 22 2019

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Is there anything more gorgeous than the galaxy nail trend? Futuristic and fashion-forward, these stunning space-themed nail designs will bring the wonders of the cosmos directly to your fingertips.

Ready to reach for the stars with your next mani? Grab yourself some galactic inspiration with these fabulous celestial nail ideas:

1. Constellation Nails

Constellation nails

(Credits: @take514)

Whether you’re an astronomy buff or an astrology fan - or simply a lover of innovative nail art - you’re sure to love this popular, dreamy nail trend.

Pay homage to the stars by drawing your favorite constellations on your nails. (Bonus points if you include your own zodiac sign!)

Our recommendations: Go with a light shade like Drops of Jupiter for the base. While you can use any combination of colours for the gradient, we highly recommend choosing shades that match the look of a starry night sky (like Atlantis and Midnight City). When done, draw your chosen constellations on each nail using Snow White and a toothpick.


2. Rainbow Galaxy Nails

Rainbow galaxy nails

(Credits: @forever_nails98)

Take a walk on the more colourful side of the universe with these bright, playful rainbow galaxy nails. Vibrant and striking, they’re sure to draw attention to your mani.

Our recommendations: For this fun design, you’ll definitely want to pick the most cheerful EasyPeel colours you can find! Use a sponge to create the gradient effect on each nail - then cover with a light layer of Dancing Queen. Finally, complete the look by adding some tiny white stars.


3. Tribal Galaxy Nails

Tribal galaxy nails


Want to add some tribal flair to your outer space mani? Give yourself the best of both worlds with this fun geometric design!

Our recommendations: Start with a black base, then lightly dab on some Pink Panther and Atlantis with a small sponge. When done, use Snow White to create the fabulous tribal design.


4. Spiral Space Nails

Spiral space nails


Not only do these swirling spiral galaxies look absolutely amazing, but they’ll also add a touch of mystery and enchantment to your deep space mani.

Our recommendations: Any dark shade (like Black Widow) will work for the base. Once dry, sponge on the spiral design using shades like Midnight City, Cotton Candy Skies and a sprinkling of Snow White.


5. Stars and Planets

Stars and planets


Cute and incredibly charming, this adorable space-themed design is perfect for showing off your love of the cosmos.

Our recommendations: Apply a layer of Black Widow as the base, and then paint on the colourful planets using any of your favourite shades. Afterwards, add some glittery stars with Snow White and Pixie Dust.


Galaxy nails are gorgeous and highly versatile; they’re also nearly impossible to get wrong. You can pick any style or design that you like, and use as many different colours as you please.

Can’t wait to try these amazing celestial nail designs? Then go ahead and grab one of our starter kits! That’s all you’ll need to recreate these epic galaxy nail ideas - and turn your nail tips into intergalactic works of art!

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