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5 Fun Animal-Themed Nail Art Ideas

Posted on April 15 2019

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Are you an animal lover? If so, then you’re sure to love animal-themed nail art.

From cute, cuddly characters to stylish, elegant prints, these fun nail designs draw inspiration from animals and nature. They’re a great way to show some love for our furry, finned or feathered friends.

Ready to hop on the animal nail bandwagon? Unleash your wild side with these amazing animal-inspired manis!


1. Rainbow Leopard Print

Rainbow leopard prints


Always popular, the classic leopard print design is a stunning way to boost your overall look.

Traditionally, these designs use lots of brown, black and tan - but you can always switch things up with bright, vibrant background colours instead. The more shades, the merrier!

Our recommendations: Pick any five of your favourite EasyPeel shades for the base colours - one for each nail. Then, freehand the leopard spots using Black Widow and Snow White.


2. Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings


Take your mani to new heights with these gorgeous butterfly nails. Delicate and feminine, this highly popular design is sure to give your tips some extra pizzazz.

Our recommendations: Butterfly wings come in a wide variety of colours - so feel free to choose any combination you like for the gradient base. Afterwards, use Black Widow and Snow White to create the intricate butterfly wing pattern.


3. Black Cat French Tips

Black cat french tip


Cat lovers, this one’s for you! Add the “purr-fect” twist to the classic French manicure with these adorable black kitties.

Our recommendations: Use Black Widow to create the cat’s head on each nail tip: with two pointed shapes for the ears, and an oval in between. Then add two white dots for the eyes, and draw a black line down the center of each.


4. Ladybird Nails

Ladybird nails


Is there anything more charming than these sweet ladybird nails?

Based on one of nature’s cutest insects, this playful polka dot pattern will definitely draw attention to your mani.

Our recommendations: Easily create your own adorable ladybird manicure with just three basic shades: Run Them Red Lights, Black Widow and Snow White. Once done, seal in the look with a layer of Roxie’s clear top coat for a classy, high-shine finish.


5. Snakeskin Nails

Snakeskin nails


Cool and stylish, the snakeskin manicure trend has rapidly been gaining popularity on social media.

Not only do these elegant nails work well with almost any outfit, they’re also pretty easy to DIY.

Our recommendation: For this look, feel free to use any two-colour combination that catches your fancy. Pick a lighter shade to use for the base. Then cover your nail with some netting, and sponge over it with a darker polish colour to create the snakeskin effect.


Whether or not you’re an animal lover (or simply a fan of adorable nail art), we’re “paw-sitive” that you’ll love this animal-themed nail trend.

Thinking of paying tribute to your pets and animal friends with your next mani? Simply pick up a bottle or two of our EasyPeel gel polish, and go wild with your favourite animal-inspired nail designs!

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