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5 Easy Nail Designs You Can Do With Scotch Tape

Posted on November 26 2018

Nail designs with scotch tape!

Forget diamonds - when it comes to nail art, Scotch tape is every girl’s best friend.

Simple and inexpensive, this everyday household item makes a versatile, useful addition to any manicure kit, and is the secret behind creating a wide variety of trendy, stylish nail designs.

There’s no need for any special skills or fancy tools to help you pull off gorgeous, professional-looking nail art. Just grab your polish, some scissors and a roll of Scotch tape - that’s all you’ll need to try these super-simple DIY designs for yourself!

1. Black Rainbow

Black rainbow


Cool and colourful, this eye-catching black design with rainbow stripes will easily make your nails the talk of the town.

While it may look complicated, it’s actually pretty simple to pull off - with a rainbow gradient base, some thinly-cut strips of Scotch tape, and a smooth layer of black nail polish.

Our recommendations: You can use any of your favourite EasyPeel shades to create the gradient base. Try choosing bright, cheerful colours which will stand out once you peel away the tape - revealing the beauty beneath.

2. Sailor Stripes

Sailor stripes


The great thing about these stylish nautical stripes is that they’re always in trend - and are also incredibly easy to create with the help of tape!

Our recommendations: Traditionally, “sailor stripes” usually come in blue and white. Try pairing our beautiful Snow White with a rich navy shade like Midnight City.

3. Zig-Zag Nails

Zig-Zag nails


Are you a fan of bright, colourful nail art? Then these zany zig-zag nails will be perfect for you.

Our recommendations: Feel free to use as many different colour combinations as you please! To achieve the jagged zig-zag pattern, cut your tape with “crazy scissors” (available at any craft store).

4. Checkered Nails

Checkered nails


Elegant and stylish, these gorgeous checkered nails are a great way to quickly class up a formal dinner party or date night.

Our recommendations: To pull off the look, use your tape to section each nail into quarters. Then paint the squares in a chessboard pattern, using the ultra-glamorous combo of Black Widow and 24K Magic.

5. Starburst Nails

Starburst nails


Add a little extra sparkle to your everyday manicure with this fun, fabulous starburst design! Sleek and minimalistic, it’s sure to make your nails look absolutely stunning.

Our recommendations: Start with a glittery base layer of 24K Magic. Then, cut your tape into thin triangles, and use these to create the “starburst” design in the corner of your nail. When done, paint over the rest of the nail with a deep, solid colour like Atlantis.

A final tip: When doing Scotch tape manis, it’s best to focus on painting one nail at a time - and remove the tape as soon as you’ve painted over it. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to peel off once the polish has dried - leaving you with a messy manicure.

The good news? Our specially-formulated EasyPeel gel polish makes it really easy to rectify any mani mistakes. Even if you mess up, just peel everything off and start over!

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