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5 Amazing Ideas For Sharpie Nail Art

Posted on February 22 2019

Sharpie Nail Art

Ever heard of Sharpie nail art? This modern trend is one of the newest takes on nail decoration - where people find fun, inventive ways to create exquisite nail art with ordinary household items.

From marble nails to elegant French tips, you can do pretty much anything with a Sharpie. These creative manicures are also fairly easy to DIY - so why not grab your markers and get started with these awesome Sharpie designs?


1. Watercolour Nails

Watercolour nails


Striking and vibrant, this colourful nail trend is easily one of the most popular Sharpie designs.

By using rubbing alcohol to dilute the Sharpie ink, it creates a gorgeous “washed out” effect that simulates a watercolour painting.

Our recommendations: Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems! To achieve this look, simply draw a rainbow design on your nails with Sharpie markers - then use a fine brush and some rubbing alcohol to dilute and spread the ink. This helps create the faded watercolour effect.


2. Sharpie French Tips

Sharpie french nails


You’d never believe these elegant nails were done with a Sharpie!

Quickly class up your manicure with these fabulous Sharpie French tips - perfect for date nights and fancy occasions!

Our recommendations: All that’s needed to recreate this stylish look is a rich shade like Simply Burgundy - and a metallic gold Sharpie!


3. Marbled Sharpie Nails

Marbled sharpie nails


The marbled Sharpie nail trend is all the rage right now - and it’s easy to see why!

Colourful and versatile, this classic pattern is surprisingly simple to DIY, and is perfect for casual, everyday wear.

Our recommendations: While any colour will do, it’s best to use a light shade (like Snow White or Rosie) for the base. You can create the marble pattern by making small marks on your nails with different-coloured Sharpies - then use a brush and some rubbing alcohol to spread out the ink.


4. Geometric Sharpie Nails

Geometric sharpie nails


Always on-trend and super chic, geometric nail designs are hugely popular - and they’re about ten times easier to draw with Sharpies!

Our recommendations: To rock this playful chevron look, simply paint on a base layer of Taupe of the World - then grab some markers and start sketching the colourful V-shaped lines.


5. Smudged Lines

Smudged lines


Straight, well-defined lines are so yesterday.

Instead, go with this stylish scribble to add a funky, unique touch to the half-and-half nail trend. It’s sure to make your mani the talk of the town!

Our recommendations: Easily recreate these half-and-half nails with the super-sweet combo of Mint for Each Other and Drops of Jupiter. When done, use a black Sharpie to scribble a smudged line down the centre of each nail.

Final tip: Not confident in your freehand abilities? If you’re worried about messing up your Sharpie nail designs, we’ve got a great tip to make things easier.

Simply paint your nails with a layer of Roxie’s EasyPeel gel polish before you start. This will prevent the Sharpie ink from staining your bare nails - and makes it super-easy for you to remove everything and start over!

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